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1 food baby + 2 human babies = kind of ridiculous 12-week photo …

12 weeks


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I am still here. And now with somewhat less nausea! Which would be making me nervous (okay, *more* nervous) if I hadn’t had an ultrasound on Tuesday at my first OB/maternal fetal medicine appointment. An ultrasound during which both babies looked good, measured just slightly ahead of schedule, and had heart rates of 178 and 180. It was a relief to see them. The night before I’d had a dream that both heartbeats were gone; the rest of the nightmare involved me compiling a list of all the people we’d already told about the pregnancy and then crafting a bad-news e-mail to send to them. That was fun.

As for the waning nausea, my new doctor told me it’s normal for morning sickness to start to improve around now (I’m 10w1d). I’d been expecting another couple of weeks of misery, so this is an unexpected and welcome respite. If I can keep the worry (where have all my symptoms gone?!) at bay, that is.

According to one of the ridiculously many weekly pregnancy e-mails I get, the babies are now the size of prunes. Not my favorite dried fruit, but I’ll take ’em.10 weeks

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