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I got the call today: we were discussed “at committee,” and our RE and team have a plan for us. Even better: insurance has approved us at 100% for IVF/ICSI #1. (I do realize how lucky this makes us.) Now The Boy and I need to sit down and make sure we’re on the same page in terms of a start date for all of this. We’re on vacation for 11 days in May. My hope — though hope puts it a little too mildly — is to start cycling as soon as we get back. I’m crossing my fingers that The Boy has done the mental processing he needs to in order to be comfortable with that plan. But his processing often takes longer (sometimes hand-wringingly longer) than I’d like it to. So we’ll see.

No sooner had I hung up the phone with J, our nurse, than it rang again. This time it was a local fertility pharmacy calling to say my meds were ready. Um … huh? Apparently things start moving very quickly once you have insurance authorization and a treatment protocol. I explained that I’d only just heard from our nurse and that our written instructions are being mailed to us. The woman at the pharmacy said they’d just hold on to our meds until we’re ready for them.

Before she hung up, I did ask her what meds I’d be taking. “Oh, it’s a whole list,” she said gaily, before rattling off, indeed, a list: Lupr*on, progest*erone in sesame oil, Gon*al-F, Men*opur, Me*drol, Dia*zepam, Nuv*aring … and those were just the ones I managed to write down. Apparently we’re going to be opening a pharmacy at our place soon.

One more step taken. How many to go?


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